Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Gift Box

My cousin Michael married a beautiful girl named Nicole. They live in California. I was unable to attend their wedding. :( I wanted to make a monogram gift set for them. Their wedding invite and the colors in the wedding were Red- which follows a Chinese tradition. I tried to capture this theme in their gift box set I made.
The monogram letters are embossed with Chocolate Chip craft. I used markers for the flowers. There is glitter on the flowers as well (you can't really see this in the picture). I then sprayed everything with a sealant. The box is FILLED with these cards, two matching note pads and pens. I hope they enjoy them! It was fun to make!
Happy stamping! Annette

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  1. I am crazy in love with this too!!!!! WOW. BEAUTIFUL. I may have to order some of these things from you. I better start saving up! : )


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