Saturday, April 12, 2008

Stressful Week

Hello, everyone. It has been a very stressful week for me. First, on Wednesday it was the 5 year anniversary date of my mom's passing away, then I ended up taking our dog Riley to the Vet on Thursday morning because he wasn't eating or drinking..and he had vomited a few times....I knew he was dehydrated. Then they said he was really sick and had to keep him at the hospital...and over have us pick him up by 7:30 am on the morning after our snow storm. When we brought him back to the vet clinic....after spending a lot of money at the emergency vet clinic they said he may have a disease called Addison's Disease. BUT they weren't sure. Go figure? After spending over $1000 on his's etc... they were not sure!
So, we are waiting to see what the test results reveal. I could go on and on...but you get the drift, right??? Prayers that our puppy will get better is greatly appreciated!

So, this morning I did stamp- finally. I really like how my latte card turned out...don't you? I really was thinking that maybe we would make this card at our next make and take..but darn it, the felt flower....I don't have an extra 10 to share....I'm being you blame me? I love those felt flowers. Do you have them? If not, put it on your list! Have a great weekend. Annette

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